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A check list of some wild leafy vegetables sold in the vegetable market in Dumka town of Jharkhand

Sunita Thakur & Sudhanshu Kumar*
Dept. of Botany, P.P.K. College, Bundu, Ranchi University,Ranchi
Received 13th June, 2010; Revised 9th August, 2010

Abstract : Dumka , poularly known as the second capital of Jharkhand, is one of the oldest cities of the state. The main vegetable market here is “Tin- bazaar” , the other one being ‘Municipality chawk’, where there is a haat on Monday and Friday .
Local folks (belonging to ethnic groups like Santhal, Mundas,Oraons, Paharias etc.) come to these haats, traveling 20 to 25 km, to trade agricultural and forest produce, either cultivated or collected Interestingly, many varieties of Potherbs (Sag), both cultivated and wild are sold in these local markets. Some of these potherbs are also sold in dried forms. The aim of the present survey is to study the leafy vegetables sold in the vegetable markets of Dumka and to know their therapeutic and prophylactic value.


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