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Estimation of DNA from cultured human blood lymphocytes under normal and PHA induced conditions

Soma Roya*, Pinki Raj Sahub & Nayni Saxenac
aDepartment of Biotechnology, Ranchi Women’s College, Ranchi 834001, India
bDepartment of Biotechnology,Marwari College ,Ranchi 834001.
cDepartment of Zoology,Marwari College ,Ranchi 834001.
Received 11th January, 2010; Revised 7th March, 2010

Abstract : In this study human blood lymphocytes were subjected to DNA extraction under normal condition. This DNA was collected from the supernatant and estimated by using U.V Spectrophotometer. A similar extraction procedure for DNA of PHA induced cultured blood lymphocytes was also done. Blood lymphocytes were collected from peripheral human blood samples(RIMS, Ranchi) and incubated under optimum culture conditions. The cultured cells were also observed under Phytohaemaglutinin (PHA )stimulation. This was compared with a controlled culture without induction and the amount of DNA was estimated along with lymphocyte counts.Results indicated a significant increase in the amount of DNA estimated.No significant difference was observed between the cell counts under normal &PHA induced condition.


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