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Studies on the distribution and abundance of Zooplankton in river Damodar

Satyajit Kumar Singha & Sangeet Kumar Srivastavab*
a. Dept. of Zoology, Jubilee College, Bhurkunda (Jharkhand)
b. Dept. of Zoology, P.T.P.S. College, Patratu (Jharkhand)
Received: 12th December, 2008; Revised 22nd January, 2009

Abstract : The present study elucidate the abundance and composition of zooplankton in the river Damodar at four selected stations namely Giddi, Rajrappa, Bokaro and Panchet during different Seasons. Which reflect the biological profile of the river Damodar. Pollution in the river has changed physico-chemical  regime, which in turn have led to changes in biotic community at different trophic levels. Result indicate wide range of seasonal fluctuations in quality and quantity of zooplankton.


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