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Fresh water weeds of Rourkela Steel City, Sundargarh, Orissa

Kalpana Mohantaa & M. C. Mahatab

aBotany Dept, Udala College, Udala – 757041

bP.G. Deptt. of Zoology R.U. Ranchi – 8

Received 12th  December, 2008 ; Revised 15th  January, 2009

Abstract : This paper is preliminary one and deals with the aquatic weeds found in and around of the Rourkela Steel City, (Situated on 22.34°N and 84.20°E approximately at an altitude of 219 meters above sea level with maximum summer temperature of 45.3°c and minimum winter temperature of 7.0°c). During the survey from Feb. 1982 to Jan. 1983, a total of 45 species of aquatic weeds belonging to 31 families are recorded from the city of the 45 species, 8 are emergent species. 13 are marginal species, 9 are submerged species and 15 are floating species of aquatic weeds. Their occurrences are more in lentic water in contrast to lotic water. The lotic water have only 5 marginal, 2 submerged and 6 floating types of weeds whereas the lentic waters have 8 emergent 10 marginal, 9 submerged, and 14 floating types of weeds. The Aschyonomene asper Linn and Riccia spp are exclusively found in lotic water only.

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