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Ethnobotanical value of some food plants of south Jharkhand curative against Diabetes mellitus

Kunul Kandir*
Plant Taxonomy and Ethnobotany Laboratory
University Department of Botany Ranchi University Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

Received 29th June, 2008; Revised 30th August, 2008

Abstract : Jharkhand state has been the reservoir of enormous natural resources including vegetational wealth. The population of the area has distinct traditions and taboos in their lives. Likewise, local people have certain traditions to cure prevailing human ailments. First hand information on 19 medicinal plants and their mode of therapeutic action was gathered from tribal medicine men and other experienced tribals. Some of the important medicinal plants widely used by tribals for treatment of diabetes are Cassia Tora L; Centella asiatica L., Cinnamomum tamala (Butch ham) Nees and Eberm, Eleusine coracona, ;Moringa oleIfera L. etc.


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