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Age estimation and post-natal growth of short-nosed fruit bat, Cynopterus sphinx

Anubha Roy, Archana Kumari & K. K. Sharma*
P.G. Department of zoology, Jamshedpur Co-operative college, Jamshedpur-831001.India

Received 13th June, 2008; Revised 17th August, 2008

Abstract : The pattern of post-natal development in Cynopterus sphinx has been described in the present study. The young ones of C.sphinx were fairly well developed at the time of birth. Their body was covered with hairs and the eyes were open at birth .The sexual maturity in this bat was rapid and it was attained within six months. The increase in body weight and wing span during the first two months of post-natal period was significantly correlated. But during the later stages of growth of young ones the correlation coefficient between body weight and wing span declines and finally in adult, there was no significant correlation between body weight and wing span. There were no seasonal and sex differences in the post-natal development .The body weight and wing span may be used as criteria for age determination of juvenile bats.

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