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Studies on role-shift behavior of some aquatic insects feeding on fish-spawn in the tropical ponds of Ranchi

Meetu Sinha*, S. M. Zulfiquar Ali, M. Prasad, K. N. Dubey & P N. Panday
 Department of Zoology, Ranchi University, Ranchi

 Received 4th March 2006; Revised 10th July 2006

Abstract: Heterotrophic fauna in a tropical pond constitutes a complete food web with role shift behavior amongst members of different food chain. Thermodynamically the role shift behavioral concept amongst biotic components is a good offset to strike a balance between the catabolic and anabolic pathways of energy transduction through anapleurotic routes.

In the present study the energy linked role shift behavior in the insect and fishes lying at primary and secondary consumer levels has been observed. The evolution of predatory behavior in some hemipterans like Lithocerus indicum and Anisops bouvieri studied in aquarium of fish spawn is a remarkable example of elevation of their status from secondary to tertiary consumer levels. With the help of powerful proboscis and clasping legs, these adult insects whose larvae are fish-food have been found to hold, puncture and suck the nutrients of the tiny spawn of edible carps, L. rohita and C.catla.

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