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Land degradation due to black stone mining in Pakur: Need Eco restoration

Archana Kumari Jha & Prasanjit Mukherjee*
Plant Taxonomy & Ecology Research Laboratory, Department of Botany, KKM College, Pakur, Jharkhand, India
Received : 5th January, 2021 ; Revised : 4th February, 2021

Abstract:- Pakur is a small district of Jharkhand and is well known for its Asiatic fame black stone mine. The history of mining dates back to the British period in Pakur. Probably the black stone mining activities initiated here in 1912. Owing to the finest quality of black stone, the boulders and stone chips were being sent to different part of country including present day Bangladesh (The old British India). It is also sent to different parts of India for major construction project. Since 1912 till date approximately 775 black stone mines have been used for the extraction of black stones. At present 114 mines are operational. This is important to note that only two years back the number of black stone mines were 145. But due to reasons like failing to meet the compliance criteria of environmental low, land lease etc. The number of mines has come down. Some of the closed mines are restarted after fulfilling the required documents or meeting the compliance criteria whereas some of the mines are still inoperative/closed or turned as abandoned. If the average mines area considered as 5.5 acres. The total mining area comes to 5.5 hectare x 775 = 4262. 5 hectare, out of that area presently the mine activity going on in 5.5 hectare x 114 = 627 hectare, where as rest of the mines where mining activity has been ceased are abundant and these closed mines poising a great threat to environment as well as human life. There is enough scope to eco restore these closed mines, so that local enjoinment can be replenished, beside it will open and avenue for income generation activities. There are ample scope of fisheries, aquaculture, and water sports in these abundant mines of the district. The large amount of water remains stored in these abundant mines, and so far is not being utilise for any purposes, it can be utilised for agriculture, silviculture and end numbered uses. There are various scopes to develop park and these may develop into tourist spots. In the current paper an eco restoration plan for the abandoned degraded black stone mined out mines has been proposed.

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