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Effect of mica dust on phytosociological studies of grassland of Jharkhand

Ashok Kumar*
Department of Botany, Magadh University, Bodhgaya, Bihar, India
Received : 22nd April, 2020 ; Revised : 27th May, 2020

Abstract Mica dust on phytosociological studies of the species composition on control and polluted grassland indicated that maximum number of the species were present in rainy season the present investigation of foristic composition of the vegetation on control and polluted grassland of Koderma Jharkhand disclosed that the number of species on polluted grassland was more as compared to control one which is due to rainy and winter annuals, on polluted grassland. Bothriocloa pertusa was selected to know the effect of Mica dust pollution on phytosiological studies i.e. species composition life forms biological spectrum and importance value index of grassland ecosystem. The control grassland was selected away from the Mica factory where the dust load was zero. The life forms class indicated atherohemicryprophytic flora on both types of grassland in comparison to control grassland respectively as compared to Raunkiers normal spectrum. The importance value index of Bothriocloa pertusa was recorded maximum in comparison to other grassland species present on control and polluted grasslands in rainy, winter and summer seasons.

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