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Importance of mesofauna in soil

Rima Kumari* & Arun Kumar
University Department of Zoology, B.N.M. University, Madhepura, Bihar, India
Received : 05th February, 2020; Revised : 22nd February, 2020

Abstract : Soil may be a large reservoir of varied organisms which together help in regulation of varied biogeochemical cycles. Soil biodiversity is comprised of the organisms that spend all or some of their life cycles within the soil or on its immediate surface (including surface litter and decaying logs). The soil mesofauna are a crucial a part of “> a part of terrestrial ecosystems and a connecting link between microfauna and macrofauna which together form an important part of soil decomposer community. They perform and regulate a major proportion of the organic matter transformations and nutrient fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems. The fluxes and flows are regulated to large extent by Soil mesofauna, being considered as ‘Ecosystem webmasters’. The disturbance or perturbation of soils usually alters microarthropod numbers like tillage, fire, and pesticide application typically reduces populations but recovery could also be rapid and microarthropod groups respond differently.

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