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Studies on the anxiety and coping level in mothers of neonates.

Sonal Samuel*
METAS Adventist College of Nursing, Bariatu Road, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
Received :21st October, 2017 ; Revised :27th December, 2017

Abstract : The present paper is an account of followup investigation of previous work entitled Studies on the anxiety and coping level in mothers of neonates admitted in general hospitals. Mothers of pre term neonates admitted to neonatal intensive care unit are at a high risk for experiencing symptoms of depression more significantly than mothers of term neonates1. The admission process into the intensive care unit can be very stressful. The environment, technology, appearance of the neonate and the feeling of a loss of the parental role contributes greatly to the amount of anxiety and stress found among parents in the neonatal intensive care unit. Eichner et al.(2003)2. The very criteria for admission to a PICU are frightening and can realistically prompt fear that their child could die or become severely disabled. When combined with worry about ongoing procedures and medical treatment, parental distress is common and understandable3. Background of the study: During the experience in neonatal intensive care unit, the investigator came across many mothers who were anxious enquiring about their newborn. The investigator therefore, felt the need to conduct this study on a larger scale. She found that mothers with hospitalized neonate suffer from anxiety and severity depends on condition of the baby so anxiety not only affects psychologically but physically also5. Investigator thus, decided to explore the level of anxiety, prepare a guidline for mothers with hospitalized neonates. Nurses working in neonatal intensive care unit can help these mothers to cope with the situation6.

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