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Ethnomedicinal studies on plants used in folk remedies to treat Diabetes mellitus in rural areas of Jharkhand

Jaya Kachhap* & Kunul Kandir
Departement of Botany, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
Received : 11th November, 2017 ; Revised :18th December, 2017

Abstract : Obesity and physical inactivity are on the rise due to modernization. This has led to increased incidence of different diseases among which diabetes is most prominent. Despite advances in development of chemical drugs, its side effects have led patients to use traditional plant remedies.The indigenous knowledge of plants used for the treatment of diabetes was collected through questionnaire and personal interviews of baidyas, knowledgeable person and patients of diabetes. The present paper deals with the medicinal plants which are used to treat diabetes in Jharkhand. The scientific name of plants, local names, family, habit, plant parts used and method of use are described. The available data regarding the anti-diabetic activity of the detected plants is not sufficient to adequately evaluate or recommend their use. Further scientific research based on the findings of this work is needed and recommended so as to provide evidence for a safe and effective use of the identified plants in treating Diabetes mellitus.

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