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Nutrient contents of a major water body of Tenughat at Bokaro in relation to fish production

Biva Kumari Vermaa* & Bushra Rajaa
Dept. of Zoology, Ranchi College, Ranchi

Received , 18thNovember, 2014; Revised: 15th December, 2014

Abstract : Nutrient contents status of a major water body of Tenughat shows that the conductivity gradually decreases from winter to monsoon, mainly due to decomposition of humus assessed during 2012 to 2013. The reservoir has both thermal and chemical stratification. The analysis of limnological fluctuations suggests the need of eco-friendly nutrient content management of water to augment fish production. The investigation mainly emphasizes morphometric and physico-chemical conditions exhibited gradual decrease in the productivity of the reservoir.

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