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Genotype X environment interaction study for grain yield and its component in rice under rain fed situation

Vikas Kumar*, Chaya Prasad, Nayeema Khatoon & Ashok K. Choudhary

Research Scholar, PG Dept. of Botany, Ranchi University, Ranchi-834008

Received, 28th December, 2014 ; Revised : 5th February, 2015

Abstract: Genotype X Environment interaction was studied for five yield component in 21 genotype of rice under midland situation during Kharif 2009 to 2011. The analysis of variance indicated highly significance difference among genotype and environment for all the characters. Both linear and non-linear components of GXE interaction for all the characters were significant but the linear components were predominant. The variety Vandana was found to be stable over different environment for all the traits. Ashoka 200F and Anjali were identified as stable genotype under unfavourable environment for most of the component with high mean yield. The environment Kharif 2011 was observed favourable for most of the characters.

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