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Effect of Cyanobacterial toxin on germination of wheat seed

Shikha Chaudhuary*a & Simmi Kumarib
*aDepartment of Botany,S.N.S.R.K.S College, Saharsa
bResearch Scholar, B.N. Mandal University, Madhepura
Received , 6th December, 2014; Revised: 7th January, 2015

Abstract : A large number of Blue-green Algae produces toxin. The toxin produced by Microcystis aeruginosa is known as Microcystin L.R. This toxin is hazardous to aquatic flora and fauna. It is also harmful to crop plants and animals. This toxin inhibits seed germination of several crop plants. In this study effect of microcystin L.R. derived from local strain of Microcystis aeruginosa was tested on germination of wheat seed. Concentration of toxin higher than 40% showed inhibition of seed germination.

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