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Dietary habits, a major determining role in early onset of post menopausal osteoporosis

Marmath Meenakshi Mayanger
Dept. of Zoology, Govt. College, Kota.
Received , 18th December, 2014; Revised: 15th January, 2015

Abstract : More the development of society and nation more will be geriatric population. More the geriatric population more will be geriatric health problems – the most important and the most universal being OSTEOPOROSIS. Bone density in females is related to the hormonal status. Incidence of osteoporosis is more in post-menopausal women due to lack of the hormone estrogen, as lack of estrogen in the body increases the activity of osteoclasts. Since everybody, especially females after a certain age start losing bone and developing osteoporosis. Proper balanced diet is very essential for the development of bones. A balanced diet including sufficient amount of proteins, minerals and vitamins should be taken and it is immaterial whether the diet is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. This can prevent osteoporosis from its early onset.

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