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Quantitative changes of total haemocytes count in insect Lethocerus indicus ( Hemiptera : Bellostomatidae)

Reena Rani* & Snehlata Singh
Department of Zoology, Ranchi University, Ranchi, India
Received 30th June, 2013; Revised 25th July, 2013

Abstract : Present experiment was conducted to study the Total Haemocytes Count (T.H.C) of L. indicus. The quantitative analysis of haemocytes have shown that the total number of haemocytes increase continuously throughout the development stages (from 1st nymphal instar to adult), and reach a peak level in the fifth nymphal instar in both the sexes. The increasing number in THC was most probably correlated with an increasing demand for nutrient supply, cellular defense and production of immunologic factor. It was also marked that the level of THC in adult individual of both the sexes were found to be lower than that of previous stage (fifth nymphal instar). During experiment it was observed that the total haemocyte count in adult female was higher than adult male. This higher haemocytes concentration in adult female seems to be associated with the reproductive function of female insects.

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