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Trematode parasites of some freshwater fishes of Manipur and Assam

Huidrom Puinyabatia*, Maibam Shomorendrab & Devashish Kara
*aDivision of Wetlands, Fishery Science and Aquaculture,
Department of Life Science and Bioinformatics, Assam (Central) University, Silchar-11, India
bFish disease Research Lab, Department of Zoology, Thambal Marik College, Oinam-795134, Manipur

Received 10th October, 2012; Revised 28th November., 2012

Abstract : This article deals with the trematode parasites infecting in some freshwater fishes of Manipur and Assam where the knowledge of fish parasites are less explored. The present study was carried out from 2008-2010. Six species of trematode parasites were collected during the study period viz., Astiotrema reniferum (Looss,1898) Looss, 1900; Genarchopsis goppo Ozaki, 1925; Allocreadium fasciatusi Kakaji, 1969; Metaclinostomum thaparus Sahay and Sahay, 1984; M. srivastavai Pandey and Baugh, 1965 and Clinostomum complanatum Rudolphi, 1819.
Keywords: Trematode parasites, freshwater fish, Manipur, Assam.


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