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Fed up with dangerous insects (People of Vaishali, Bihar)

Komal & Amritesh Gautam
Dept. of  Zoology, S.N.S. College, Hajipur, Vaishali.
Received :25th June 2011  Revised : 15th August, 2011


It is reported that these days the people of Raudipokhar village, Lalganj Block, Vaishali district, Bihar (India) are facing a great problem. The problem is beyond their solution.
There is a Banyan tree in the village Raudipokhar in which root a lot of dangerous insects reside. They destroy the crops and vegetables. As soon as it is evening, people getting afraid of their invasion, like to go under their mosquito net. Even woman like to cook food sitting inside the mosquito net. These insects have totally changed the daily life of the affected people. The villagers make various type of attempts to get rid of their attacks. The chief attribute of the insects is that they hold to the root of the tree by day but as soon evening comes they increase the problems and difficulties of people. Nothing but insects is seen every where – be it water, food, kitchen or water container etc.


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