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Malarial status its management and suggestions for its up radation at Bokaro district

Hare Krishna BagBattab*, Chanda Kumaria & S. R. Singha
aDepts. Of Zoology, Bokaro Steel City College, Bokaro Steel City, Bokaro.
bDepartment of Zoology, R. V. S. Mahila College, Bokaro Steel City, Bokaro.
Received 2nd May, 2010; Revised 20th July, 2010

Abstract : Malaria is a serious febrile condition which is marked by intermittent fever with three distinct stages. The disease is caused by a protozoon named plasmodium and is transmitted by mosquitoes especially anopheles. The disease is more prevalence during the rainy season because mosquitoes have plenty of water for their breeding. As it is the most severe problem of the district so its treatment and management is carried out through the year


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