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Identification of the adulterant plants being used ignorantly in rice beer (Handia) making in Jharkhand

Sudhanshu kumar & Bandana kumari*
Department of Botany and   Zoology, P.P.K.College, Bundu, Ranchi University, Ranchi
Received 11th July, 2010; Revised 27th August, 2010

Abstract : Rice beer or Handia has been an integral part of life and death of an individual, especially tribes of the state of Jharkhand . It has been culturally so deep rooted that a new born is advised to taste it as an immunostimulant, as well as the last rites of a dead is yet to be completed without its consumption. Recently , due to lack of awareness about the right plant some adulterant plants are being used in its making spoiling its medicinal value. Thus , the aim of the present investigation is to identify those plant being used  and also those useful  plants which are not being used these days due to their lesser availability .


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