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Histopathological Changes in the testes of Channa panctatus (Bloch) exposed to the biocide Furadan

Ashok Kumara & Rajesh Kumar Singhb *
a Deptt.of Zoology and Industrial Fish and Fisheries, Ganga Singh College, Chapra, J.P. University, Chapra, Bihar, India.
b Deptt. of Zoology, D.B.S.D. College, Garkha, Chapra, J.P.University, Chapra, Bihar, India.
Received 1st June, 2010; Revised 12th August, 2010

Abstract : Aquaculture is the fastest growing food practice in the world today. The biocides used in the agricultural crops reach the ponds and tanks as agricultural run off, which accumulates in the tissue of the fish body and interacts with the reproductive physiology and hinders the process of gametogenesis. As a result the fish production i.e. the yield will be highly affected & we will not be able to fill the millions of hungry open mouths for preventing them from malnutrition.


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