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Helminthic infection in relation to the host length and sex in some fresh water fishes, Anabas testudineus (Bl.) and Channa gachua (Ham.)

B. Geetarania, M. Shomorendraa, A. Vishweshwarib, Devashish Karb & A.N. Jhac
aFish disease Lab., Department of Zoology, Thambal Marik College, Oinam-795139, Manipur.
bDepartment of Life Sciences, Assam University, Silchar-ll, Assam
cDepartment of Zoology, BRA Bihar Univesity, Muzaffarpur-842001, Bihar
Received 11th May, 2010; Revised 23rd August, 2010

Abstract : A survey of fresh water fishes Anabas testudineus and Channa gachua of Utra Lake, Nambol, Bishnupur District, Manipur with reference to helminthic infection in relation to host length and sex was successfully accomplished. Fishes of different length groups of Channa gachua (Ham.) and Anabas testudineus (Bl.) were examined regularly for parasitic infection between May 2008 – April 2009. Two species of nematode and one species of acanthocephala were collected. The parasite species showed significant variation in the prevalence and intensity of occurrence in different length groups of fish hosts. Such variations shown due to considerable changes in the diet of fish hosts and choice of food items are also factors of parasitic infection.


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