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Folk herbal remedies used in birth control in Ranchi District of Jharkhand

Sheetal Shama Minz & Kunul Kandir*
Plant Taxonomy, Ethnobotany and  medicinal Plants
Laboratory Department of Botany Ranchi University Ranchi
Received 11th May, 2010; Revised 19th July, 2010

Abstract : Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand. The main dominated tribes are Oraon, Munda, Ho, Santhali etc. Medical ethnobotany deals  with the Study and application of Plants used within traditional medical systems and it involves the identification of Plants used in traditional remedies. Present investigation deals with the uses of ethnomedicinal plants in Birth Control.
Population is the worldwide problem. Many modern techniques are used for Birth Control. But  in remote  areas where no any facilities,  tribals and other people use some plants which are helpful in Birth control. Birth control means control in birth. Some plants like Ricinus communis, Carica papaya, Lawsonia inermis etc. are used in Birth control.


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