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Effect of testosterone on adrenal gland of chicken

Nirmala Tripathi* & Rittika Pandey M. Sc (Pat)
Lecturer in Zoology, S. P. College Dumka, S.K.M.University
Received 5th May, 2010; Revised 13th July, 2010

Abstract : Chicken treated with testosterone for 30 and 90 days showed an increase in the weight of adrenal gland with fatty metaplasia.  There was marked thickening of zona fasciculata with hyperplasia and hypertrophy. Zona glomerulosa maintained its normal thickness but Zona reticularis got reduced in thickness and restricted as thin strip around medulla.
The Zona fasiculata occupied about 60% of total thickness and presented a different structure as cells were vacuolated and nuclei were pushed aside giving the cell a signet ring appearance and increased mitosis. Vascularity also increased in all zones of cortex of 30 days testosterone treated chicken.


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