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Effect of certain environmental factors on haematological. Indices of the human population of the sponge and steel factories of Jharkhand and West Bengal

Anamika & K Ray*
P.G Department of Zoology, Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribagh
Received 11th May, 2010; Revised 6th August, 2010

Abstract : Haematological indices of the human population include different blood parameters like Hb%,R.B.C.,W.B.C., E.S.R.,(Erythrocytes Sedimentation Rate) ,Lymphocytes,Monocytes and Polymorphic Leucocytes.
For the estimation of different haematological parameters,blood collection is done by using tunicate by vein puncture in the lower arm of the left hand.withdrawn blood is mixed with the anti coagulant and tranfered to a dry sterilized test tube.the sampale is then compared with the normal blood then the percentage of abnormality is calculated.table of a number of similar investigation of a no. of people is done which is then compared with seasonal variations and then final conclusion is done.


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