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Morphoanatomical peculiarities in the cerebral lobes of aquatic beetle, Cybister tripunctatus Ol.

Natick Imam Mallick* & M. Prasad
Dept. of Zoology, Ranchi University Ranchi (Jharkhand), India
Received 1st February2010; Revised 5th March 2010

Abstract : The morphoanatomical plan of cerebral lobes of aquatic beetle, Cybister tripunctatus Ol. has been found to display quadrulobular peculiarities in the protocerebrum region. Deviating from the main plan of trilobular protocerebral organisaton, a small and distinct 4th lateral lobe on both sides at the base of the optic peduncle has been clearly found superimposing the preceeding deutocerebral lobe. This particular lobe by virtue of its in situ occurrence has been specially termed as Postpleuroprotocerebrum (PPPC). The microdissection of the brain of this beetle has been done under the high resolution MSZ optical binocular (Olympus) microscope.
Further  histoarchitectural studies of this peculiarly organized brain is under follow up investigation to locate the possible bunches of neurosecretory cells.


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