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New Sericulture technologies-pre reqquisite to boost Cocoon production

M. Shobha Rani, U.D. Bongale & Chaluvachari
Karnataka State Sericulture Research and Development Institute,
Thalaghattapura, Bangalore-560 062
Received:12th January, 2009; Revised 28th February, 2009

Abstract : The study was conducted in Kolar and Bangalore Rural district of Karnataka, covering a total of 108 and127 farmers from seven villages of each district. Initial benchmark survey was conducted through personal interview by using structured proforma to resource the primary data to understand the existing practices and productivity levels. The benchmark survey data was analyzed and crucial factors were identified. Further, for intensive study, 21 in Kolar district and 30 farmers in Bangalore district among total farmers were selected based on their willingness to adopt the suggested technologies. Regular interactions were held for two years on one-to-one basis with these farmers along with motivational efforts for technological interventions as were enlisted for respective farmers. Impact survey was carried out and crop performance data computed for 1st and 2nd year, apart from compiling the information pertaining to the technologies and response of each of the farmers during the course of the study. The data revealed that cocoon yield increased by 8-19 kg/100 dfls, 8-13 kg/100 dfls among the selected farmers of Kolar and Bangalore district respectively.


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