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Effect of Insulin on Carbohydrate in Haemolymph, Fat Body and Ovary of Hydrophilus olivaceous (Fab) Female (Coleoptera; Hydrophilidae)

Rani Srivastava*, Omprakash Singh, Randhir Kumar & S. Ehteshamuddin
Entomology Research Laboratory, Department of Zoology,
B.RA. Bihar University, Muzaffarpur
Received 11th Nov. 2008, Revised 5th Jan 2009

Abstract : Quantitative assays of carbohydrate of the haemolymph, fat body and ovary of  Hydrophilus olivaceous (female) was done. The haemolymph carbohydrate showed an early increase but later decline on treatment with Insulin. The fat body and the ovary, howerver, showed an early decline but later very significant increase in their carbohydrate. These findings indicate that Insulin has a positive  role in the glycogen synthesis of the fat body and ovary of the insect.


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