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Effect of Fluoride on Catalase, Guiacol Peroxidase and Ascorbate Oxidase activities in two verities of Mulberry Leaves (Morus Alba. L)

K. Anil Kumar, S.Venkataswamya, Farhana Begum and A. Vijaya Bhaskara Rao*
Division of Seribiotechnology, Department of Sericulture,
Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur- 515 003, India
Received 26th December, 2009; Revised 17th February, 2009

Abstract : A regulated balance between oxygen radical production and destruction is required of metabolic efficiency and function is to be maintained either in normal or toxic conditions. A continually high anti oxidant capacities under toxicity conditions can present the damage correlated with resistance to that of particular toxicity. Hence the mechanisms that reduce oxidative stress is expected to play an important role in imparting toxicity tolerance in plant. A significant alleviation in activities of peroxidase, catalase and ascorbic acid oxidase was recorded on both cultivars on exposure to fluoride. Further the degree of increase was found to be dependent on severity and duration of exposure. Further degree of elevation in enzyme activity was relatively high in fluoride tolerant cultivar M5 when compared to sensitive cultivar V1. Mulberry cultivar M5 on the whole, exhibited more fluoride toxic tolerance than mulberry cultivar V1.


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