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Seasonal occurrence of cestode & acanthocephalan parasites of fishes of River Jhelum and Anchar Lake

Shabir Ahmad Wani & Asiya Magray
Post – graduate Department of Zoology, University of Kashmir Srinagar- 190006. Kashmir, India

Received 7th July 2008; Revised 30th August,2008

Abstract : The present paper is a comparative parasitological study on the fresh water bodies, One – River Jhelum and other – Anchar lake, Fish hosts studied include five native fish of the genus – Schizothorax and one exotic genera – Cyprinus. The helminth genera recovered from these hosts include Adenoscolex and Bothriocephalus from Cestoda and Pomphorhynchus from Acanthocephala. Further all the recorded parasites show a marked seasonal – occurrence.

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