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Phytochemical study of Cycas revoluta Thunb.

Anamike Sinha*, Kunul Kandir &Jyoti Kumar
University Department of Botany, Ranchi University Ranchi, Jharkhand. India

 Received 4th  July 2007; Revised 11th August 2007

Abstract: The present investigation deals with the phytochemical study of a gymnospermic plant Cycas revoluta. Thunb. An attempt has been made to trace the chemical constituent present in this plant. For this purpose extractive value was done in four solvents Benzene, Methanol, Acetone and Ethanol. The best among them was Ethanol in which highest extractive value of the powdered material was found i.e. 5.8%. Therefore, extraction of the material was done in Ethanol. Thin layer chromatography was done, solvent system used was Toluene water in the ratio 98 : 2. TLC plates was seen under UV chamber, two pink spots were seen, solvent run was 17 cm while the solute run found was 7 cm and finally Retardation value (Rf value) calculated was 0.41 cm. The chemicals found after various chemical tests are Alkaloids, Saponins, Reducing sugar, Steroid and Tannin.

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