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Evaluation of toxicity of CARTRIZ to an air-breathing fish, Channa punctatus (Bloch)

Rena Pathaka* & D.N. Sadhub
aDepartment of Zoology, C.N. College, Ramgarh Cantt, Ramgarh, Jharkhand bDepartment of Zoology, St. Columba’s College, Hazaribagh- 825301

Received on 13th April, 2008: Revised on 22nd August 2008

Abstract : Intensive use of pesticides has proved to be a slow poison for fishes and ultimately threatening their existence. The present study deals with the toxic effect of a carbamate pesticide, Cartriz to an air-breathing fish, Channa punctatus (Bloch). The LC50 value of the pesticide was determined as 1.675 mg/1 where as LC0 and LC 100 less than 1mg/1 and 4.5 mg/1 for 96 hours respectively after adopting standard procedure.

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