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Effects of Cymbopogon winteratus extract on body weight of Swiss albino mice Mus musculus

Sudarshank Sudhanshu & K. K. Singh*
University Dept. of Zoology, T.M. Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur -07

Received 6th May, 2008 ; Revised 22nd  August, 2008

Abstract : Loss of body weight is the indicator of the specific effect of chemicals which is introduced in the body system. A preliminary study was conducted to assess the effects of the crude extract (aquous) of Cymbopogon winteratus on the body weight of both sexes of swiss albino mice Mus musculus. Six week old mice, matched for their sex were put into different groups (six mice per group) and treatment was made according to the experimental plan (T1 i.e. Lower dose =5Oppm, T2 i.e. Middle dose= 100ppm, T3 i.e. Higher dose = 200ppm). The control and treated mice were daily weighted for 30 days. Significant decreased in the mean body weight of both the sexes was observed with a trend of dose dependency. However, females were comparatively more adversely affected.

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