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Abundance of some aquatic hemipterans and coleopterans of a tropical fish pond of Ranchi

Abha Prasad, Anjali Smita, Rashmi Srivastava, Sharmila Rani & Sunita Dutta
Department of Zoology, Women’s College, Ranchi-834001

Received 8th Jan. 2007; Revised 19th Feb. 2007

Abstract: The study was undertaken, for a period of six months (July 2006-Dec 2007) to evaluate the abundance of some aquatic insects of the orders Hemiptera and Coleoptera of Doranda fishery pond. Total 5 families of the order Hemiptera and 3 families of Coleoptera were recorded. It was also found that the most abundant species was Notonecta glanca and Laccophilus chinensis of Hemiptera and Coleoptera respectively.

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