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Certain endangered and threatened ethnobotanically important plants of Ranchi District, Jharkhand

Malti Kerketta*
Department of Botany, DSPMU, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
Received :22nd April, 2019 ; Revised : 25th May, 2019

Abstract : Jharkhand came into existence as a separate state of Indian Republic on 15th November 2000. It includes the geographical territory of Chotanagpur & Santhal Pargana division of the Old Bihar State. Jharkhand literally means “Land of Forest” and it has presently 29.61% forest area (the total area of Jharkhand is 79,712 Sq.Kilometer). Ranchi is the capital and the largest district of Jharkhand. It is situated in the centre of Chotanagpur plateau of Jharkhand at an elevation of 652 meters above the sea levels approximately between 20.0o-23.60o North Latitude and 84.90o-85.90o East Longitude. Chotanagpur plateau the new Jharkhand where Ranchi, situated in full of forest, rivers and plants. So the people of this remote area are very much attached with forest and mountains. They love to live within nature. They behave with nature as their mother because all the necessary sources of their food, shelter and home are found in forest. So they worship some plants as God. They totally depend in forest for food cloth shelter and medicines also. Tribals dominant forest areas are playing an important role in ethnobotanical aspect in their day-to-day life.

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