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Thermal Demand Constancy (TDC) of lady bird beetle Coccinella septempunctata Linn. (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) and patterns of life cycle variation

Neetu Kumari*
University Department of Zoology, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
Received : 12th August, 2018 ; Revised :24th October, 2018

Abstract: The present investigation is a unique concern related with the total energy requirement or demand also termed as thermal demand being the function of the average temperature measured in degree celsius (oC) and number of days taken by the lady beetle, C. septempunctata to complete its life cycle in different seasons (life cycle duration) of the experimental year 2016-2018 growing on a particular host plant. The thermal demand mathematically computed as the product of temperature and days seems to be constant throughout the year with slight seasonal variation and accordingly the thermal demand constancy (TDC) has been also computed in terms of seasonal and annual values, found to be, STDC- 756 ± 10 (Winter), 800 ± 10 (Autumn), 805 ± 10 (Summer), 780 ± 10 (Rains) and ATDC- 785 ± 10 during 2016-2017 as well as STDC- 798 ± 10 (Winter), 770 ± 10 (Autumn), 780 ± 10 (Summer), 825 ± 10 (Rains) and ATDC- 793 ± 10 during 2017-2018. The annual thermal demand which is as a matter of fact the total thermal demand of the beetle displayed a trend of constancy as per the laws of thermodynamics and bioenergetics.


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