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Agro forestry role of Lady beetle with respect to their biodiversity of Kanke, Ranchi (Jharkhand), India

Neetu Kumari*
Department of Zoology, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
Received : 6th January, 2018 ; Revised :22nd February, 2018

Abstract: The present study is related with the pioneering role in the development of biological pest control by lady beetle in agro forestry ecosystem belonging to the family Coccinellidae of the order Coleoptera. This has rendered the Coccinellidae of great practical and scientific value. The species found in the agro ecosystem in terms of biodiversity can be recruited as bioindicators owing to their climatic and trophic characteristics. Two types of habitats were selected for the biodiversity study: crop area and forest area. The data obtained by trapping, hand picking and netting during Jan-Dec, 2017 showed the diversity, richness, abundance and evenness of Coccinellids and their role as bioindicators in this area. Many specimens of coleopterous insects were captured in which 11 species were of Coccinellids. When diversity of both the areas was compared, it was concluded that the coccinellidae was most diverse in the forest area than crop area.


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