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Evaluation of some metals toxicity in Channa punctatus from river Kosi, Bihar

Soni Rani* & Arun Kumar
University Department of Zoology, B.N.Mandal University Madhepura, Bihar, India
Received : 19th April, 2017; Revised : 12th June, 2017

Abstract: This study was aimed to evaluate the bioaccumulation and concentration level of two heavy metals such as Cadmium (cd) and Chromium (cr) in a edible fish Channa punctatus obtained from River Kosi, Bihar. These heavy metals are released into the environment through industrial activities, municipal urban runoff and coal burning fertilizers etc. In order to estimate the effect of five concentrations of Cadmium and Chromium (10 m M, 1 mM, 0.1mM, 0.01mM and 0.001mmM) was studied at 24°C. All concentrations of Cadmium decreased the rate of glucose transport. Maximum decrease was recorded with 10 mM of Cadmium. The rate of transport decreased with an increase in the concentration level of Cadmium used. Chromium increased glucose absorption rate at all concentrations evaluated. The highest rate of absorption was recorded at 0.001 mM of Chromium.

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