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Effect of storage temperature and relative humidity on the decay of garlic bulb

Sujata Suman*
University Department of Botany, B.N.M.University, Madhepura, Bihar, India
Received : 29th July, 2017; Revised : 25th August, 2017

Abstract : After harvest in late April or by mid-May of the year, garlic is dried for a few days in the sun and stored in ordinary jute bag or netted nylon bags. No care is seriously taken to store garlic at low temperature and low relative humidity. Due to this, garlic decay during storage. To prevent decay of garlic it should be stored at low temperature and low humidity. In the present work, it was observed that 50C temperature completely control damage of garlic bulbs at all RH level. The rate of decay of garlic bulb following the increase of temperature at 50% relative humidity was slower than that stored at 60 and 70% relative humidity. It was maximum at 70% relative humidity level.

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