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Effect of body size on biochemical parameters in mucus of freshwater snail Bellamya bengalensis (Jousseaume,1886)

Kanchana* & S.Besraa
aDepartment of Zoology, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
Received : 25th December, 2016 ; Revised : 7th February, 2017

Abstract : Among the freshwater edible snail Bellamya bengalensis has potential nutritional and medicinal importance. Especially people suffering with anaemia, malformation of bone structure, treatment of eye problems, consume its meat and soup with belief to restore their health. . In present work the concentration of total protein, glucose in mucus of B. bengalensis of different shell size (2-3.5cm and 1-2cm) was analysed. The investigation results have shown that the concentration of the protein in larger size shell (2-3.5cm) was 4.60±0.023g/dl and in smaller size shell (1-2cm) was 3.44±0.04g/dl) and glucose in larger size shell (2-3.5cm) 15.22±0.33mg/dl and in smaller size shell (1-2cm) was 12.1±0.15mg/ dl in the mucus of snails. Statistical analysis were calculated by using student’s t test, it was observed that protein concentration was significantly higher in larger size snail group at 0.1% level (p<0.001) and glucose concentration was also significantly higher in larger size group at 0.1% level (p<0.001).

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