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Prof. Rohit Kumar*(1) Prof. Ishwar Chandra Thakur(2) Prof. Anwar Alam.(3)
123Asstt.Professor (Civil) C.I.T, Tatisilwai, Ranchi

Abstract : In the world 5th June is celebrated as “world Environment Day.” Environment means layer around us. Air, water, soil, animals, tress and etc. are involved in Environment. According to the history of the earth, Earth was created about 550 crore years ago. On this earth, the ecosystem was created about only 90 crore years ago. When the human creation was cre-ated about 50 lakhs years ago. After the creation of earth, the Environment and condition were changed day by day. The Environment also created due to the creation of earth. The Environment is a natural creation where human lived with collaboration with nature and lived natural life; there are no questions about Environment. But when human learned the word ‘Culture’, he was estranged with nature and later he creating a perversion with the word ‘Culture’. And that upset the balance of the Environment. In addition, the pollution of Environment increases by the furtherance of science and industrialization.

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