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Analysis of ground water in some rural areas of Kanpur region of Uttar Pradesh

Atul Kumar Misraa*
a*Dept. of Zoology, D.A.V. P.G. College, Kanpur (U.P.), India
Received , 29th December, 2014; Revised: 18th January, 2015

Abstract :Water is the biggest and chief natural resource, necessary for conservation for survival of living organisms on earth. It is the biggest necessity for life and in developing countries like India ground water is the most important source for drinking, irrigation, and industrial purposes. But unfortunately due to wide spread over use of harmful chemicals in agriculture, industrial effluents, pollution of rivers etc. ground water is getting increasingly contaminated with pollutants. A laboratory study was conducted for the quality assessment of ground water in some selected rural areas of Kanpur. For the experimental purposes, six water samples were collected from different locations of the city (Three open well and three bore well). The results were analyzed with standard value prescribed. It was concluded that the sampling sites No. A to D showed all the physico-chemical parameters within the range of standard water quality as prescribed by (W.H.O.). The results of present study also concluded that most of the physico- chemical parameters are within permissible limits except samples No. E and F.

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