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Study of some ethnomedicinal plants of Gopalganj used to cure diabetes mellitus.

Basant Narain Singh,a* P.K.Singh,b Pankaj Kumarc & Surendra Kumardd
*a Dept. of Botany, SMD Degree College MN Jalalpur, Gopalganj, JPU, Chapra, 1841309,Bihar, India .
bYogo chiktsa Kendra,South of Gandak colony.Nai Bazaar Chapra,841303
cJRF – DBT Government of India, PG Department of Biotechnology. TMB University, Bhagalpur, Bihar INDIA.
dMagadh Mahila College, P.U., Patna.
Received , 30th June, 2014; Revised: 1st August, 2014

Abstract: The Present paper deals with the enumeration of 15 Eethnomedicinal plants which are commonly used for the treatment of a silent killer disease Diabetes Mellitus.

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