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On the Cytotaxonomy in five Ecotypes of Acorus calamus L. collected from Jharkhand

Madhumita Singha* & Kamini Kumara
University Department of Botany, Ranchi University, Ranchi

Received 30th June, 2013; Revised 25th July, 2013

Abstract : Cytotaxonomical studies have been carried out on some ecotypes of Acorus calamus L. Mitotic studies were made in five ecotypes, two of them were collected from Hazaribagh, and three of them were collected from Khunti, Tamar and Birsa Chowk, Ranchi. Parameters for Cytotaxonomical comparision included, type of chromosome, haploid chromosome number, arm length, (long arm, short arm), length of chromosome, total chromatin length, and arm ratio (L/S).

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