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Effects of information and communication technology use on fishing market efficiency and livelihood of fishmongers in India.

Anita Kumaria
aFish & Fisheries, Department of Zoology, B.R.A.Bihar University, Muzaffarpur.

Received 22nd July, 2013; Revised 26th August, 2013

Abstract : This article assesses the effects of mobile phones use on the fishing industry in the developing states of India. It contributes on how mobile telephony can help to overcome market inefficiencies in developing states of India due to imperfect information. Fishing is done primarily by small enterprises, working near home. Market and traditionally selling their catches to a specific market. This causes large geographical disparities in market prices, According to local conditions of supply and demand. In fisheries sub-sectors, mobile phones are used to coordinate fishing efforts(Adogla,2009);product marketing , talk and to improve safety(Spore,2008); as well as linking fisherman and wholesalers together for business(Scheen,2008). The study assessed mobile phones application as a communication channel in fish marketing enterprise among fishmongers in Indian fisheries sector .Information of fish market intelligence showed that fish retailers are small scale entrepreneurs dealing mostly on low quality processed fish products. Mobile phone use in fish marketing enterprises to conduct suppliers, customers and to monitor prices. It is expected that expansion of network coverage around the lake, riverside area, and chorus will multiply the impact of mobile phone contribution to communication and information dissemination among operators in the chain of fish Production.Therefore, mainstreaming mobile phone technology is effective means of reaching fisher folks in isolated environment while promoting information dissemination.

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