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Studies on higher infestation period of Bactrocera correcta (Bezzi) in guava crop

Sunita Singha*
*aDepartment of Zoology, D.S.N. (P.G.) College, Unnao, U.P. (India)

Received 10th October, 2012; Revised 28th November., 2012

Abstract : Guava fruit fly Bactrocera correcta (Bezzi) is widespread in India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand and china. recorded host include common guava (Psidium guajava L.), mango (Mangifera indica), citrus, ber, peach (Prunus persica), rose apple (Syzygium jambos). In india, this fly infests mango, peaches, orange etc. Bactrocera correcta lives in the company of B. zonata (peach fruit fly).Guava fruit fly used to cause serious damage to the guava crop orchards. It was not found from 3rd week of April to 3rd week of June. In the month of July it showed statistically at par results. maximum value 24.061 per unit was followed by 2nd week of March 22.362 in the 3rd week of January 22.160 and 2nd week of February.In the crop mean, a range of variation was found to range from 15.952 to 21.483 per unit in a variety. Allahabad safeda and Lucknow-49 showed at par results during present investigations. Similarly variety apple colour and red flesh exhibited statistically at par results in present investigations.
Keywords: Fruit fly, infestation, Guava.


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