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Medicinal Importance of Asvattha (Ficus religiosa Linn.) Vrksa (Plant) as depicted in Sanskrit Texts

Dhananjay Vasudeo Dwivedia*
*aDept. of Sanskrit, Ranchi College, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.

Received 06th September,2012; Revised 30th November.,2012

Abstract : Asvattha is one of the most sacred plants known to Indians. Apart from having ritualistic and religious significance, this tree is also known for its high grade medicinal properties. Sanskrit Literature, especially ¸Ayurvedic literature has come up with various facts in this regard. Each and every part of this tree is useful from medicinal point of view. Starting from Vedic age, this tree is treated as most useful even in modern era. Facts described in Sanskrit Literature could be of great use for modern day botanists.
Keywords: Bark, Curing, Mahavrksa, Wound, Sacred


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