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A diagnostic evaluation of patients of psychosomatic disorders under DSM – IV

Punam Singha*
aP.G. Deptt. of Psychology, J.P. University, Chapra (Bihar)

Received 10th Jan., 2012; Revised 15th June.,2012

Abstract : The psychosomatic disorders involve a clinical picture dominated by maladaptive changes in bodily systems rather than overt maladaptive behavior. The incidence of psychosomatic disorders in indicated by the estimate that at least half of those who seek medicalĀ  aid suffer from physical illness directly related to emotional stress. Viewing the necessity of this problem 60 patients of psychosomatic disorders age ranging from 30-50 years of both sexes visiting different clinics of Chapra town were assessed by TAT (Murray 1943). It was hypothesized that the men and women patient of Psychosomatic disorders would differ significantly on their needs and on the intensity of press. The men and women differ significantly on frequencies of their needs (X2 = 20.23, df = 8, P<.01) and intensity of press (x2 = 18.50, df = 8.p<.05). Most of the patients were on the outcome of unpleasant continuum. Some of them could not complete the stories and had their negative ends.

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