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Rhabdias pulmonus n.sp. (Nematoda:Rhabdiasidae) from garden lizard, Calotes versicolor ( Iguamia: Agamidae) from Manipur, India

R. K. Gambhir, W. Lakshmipyari, Zenith Ng. & Sonia O.
Parasitology Section, Life Sciences Department,
Manipur University, Canchipur- 795003, Manipur, India.
Received 28th April, 2011; Revised 10th August, 2011

Abstract : A new species of the genus Rhabdias Stiles et Hasall, 190518 was reported from the lungs of the garden lizard, Calotes versicolor from Manipur. The present specimen is morphologically similar to Rhabdias kongmongthaensis Kuzmin et al, 200513 in having an almost equal body dimension, presence of cuticular swelling, post equatorial vulva and similar egg-size. However, the present specimen differs from R. kongmongthaensis by the size of the buccal capsule, lip structure and location of nerve ring.


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